women learn about HPV testing

Women learn about the new cervical cancer screening methods, careHPV.

The most exciting advancement in cervical cancer prevention is happening now.

We now know that the human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for almost 100% of cervical cancer cases.  Through early detection of HPV, healthcare providers are able to remove infected cells safely, preventing the development of cervical cancer.

A novel HPV-DNA test was recently developed by Qiagen, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, designed specifically for use in low-resource settings.  This test, called careHPV, offers testing accuracy that has never been achieved before in low-resource settings.

Basic Health International and the El Salvadoran Ministry of Health were chosen by Qiagen to receive the first donation of careHPV tests in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With this donation, BHI launched the CAPE project, Cervical Cancer Prevention in El Salvador, in October, 2012. This project will determine the most effective method of integrating HPV testing into El Salvador’s national cervical cancer screening program. Through this project, 30,000 women will receive careHPV screening over the next three years.

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Ribbon-cutting ceremony

Members of Basic Health, The Salvadoran Ministry of Health, and Qiagen attend the ribbon cutting ceremony in Apestepeque, El Salvador.

Most importantly, we are developing a model of care that can be adopted by countries around the globe.

We need your support to ensure the careHPV tests are used correctly and appropriately. To do so, we seek funds to support the following:

  • Training healthcare providers and educators
  • Ensuring women receive proper follow-up care, and
  • Providing cancer treatment for those women that are diagnosed with this life-threatening, yet preventable disease. 

BHI has been working with the Salvadoran government since 2005 to help develop cervical cancer screening policies. We have never been more excited about the potential implications of a program.


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